Happy SoulWelcome to HAPPY SOUL, where we bring joy, serenity, and a touch of nature into your home. Our store specializes in 100% natural and organic products that promote well-being and harmony. From fragrant soy wax candles to eco-friendly LED bulbs and lamps, each item is crafted with care and a commitment to sustainability. Experience the essence of purity and love with HAPPY SOUL, where every product is designed to uplift your spirit and enhance your everyday living.https://www.happysoulindia.shop/s/66162282838fedf6e70af41e/6641af0bf7eabc3f2a9fa5b3/mow-logo1-480x480.jpg
162, Aram Nagar II, Seven Bunglows400061MumbaiIN
Happy Soul
162, Aram Nagar II, Seven BunglowsMumbai, IN
+919820051170https://www.happysoulindia.shop/s/66162282838fedf6e70af41e/6641af0bf7eabc3f2a9fa5b3/mow-logo1-480x480.jpg"[email protected]
Pooja Bedi

Happiness & Positivity Life Coach

Mumbai, Goa, Child of the universe