Happy SoulWelcome to HAPPY SOUL, where we bring joy, serenity, and a touch of nature into your home. Our store specializes in 100% natural and organic products that promote well-being and harmony. From fragrant soy wax candles to eco-friendly LED bulbs and lamps, each item is crafted with care and a commitment to sustainability. Experience the essence of purity and love with HAPPY SOUL, where every product is designed to uplift your spirit and enhance your everyday living.https://www.happysoulindia.shop/s/66162282838fedf6e70af41e/6641af0bf7eabc3f2a9fa5b3/mow-logo1-480x480.jpg
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Happy Soul
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About Us

Welcome to Magicians of Wellness India Pvt. Ltd. - Your One-Stop Wellness Wonderland

At Magicians of Wellness India Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to nurturing the well-being of the mind, body, energy, soul, and planet. Our flagship brand, Happy Soul, is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to wellness, offering a diverse range of products, experiences, platforms, and information to help every individual achieve optimal mental, emotional, physical, sexual, social, and financial wellness. Our mission is to empower you to transform into the healthiest, happiest, and most evolved version of yourself.

Our Philosophy

At Happy Soul, we believe that wellness is an all-encompassing umbrella that includes:

  • Mind: Mental and emotional well-being through mindfulness, books, music, and guided meditations.
  • Body: Physical health through natural, organic, and preservative-free foods.
  • Energy: Vibrant energy through alternative science therapies offered by certified practitioners.
  • Soul: Spiritual growth through self-discovery and holistic practices.
  • Planet: Environmental responsibility through sustainable, eco-friendly, and recycled/upcycled product packaging.

Our Commitment

Skin Care and Beauty

All our skin care and beauty products are free from harmful chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, silicone, and mineral oils. We use no artificial fragrances or colors and stand firmly against animal testing and cruelty. Our products are crafted to nourish your skin naturally and ethically.

Food and Nutrition

We focus on foods that are 100% natural, organic, and free from refined sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, antibiotics, and pesticides. Our goal is to provide you with wholesome and nutritious options that promote overall health and well-being.

Mindfulness and Alternative Therapies

We aim to open minds and hearts through a variety of resources:

  • Books and Music: Curated selections to inspire and uplift.
  • Guided Meditations: Sessions designed to enhance mindfulness and inner peace.
  • Alternative Science Therapies: Provided by certified and highly qualified practitioners.

Corporate Wellness

We understand the impact of stressful workplace dynamics and are dedicated to promoting vitality, health, work ethics, positivity, and productivity in organizations and corporations. Our workshops and training sessions are conducted by experts to help foster a healthier and more productive work environment.

Environmental Responsibility

We are deeply sensitive to and actively promote environmental wellness. This includes being mindful of our ecological footprint, the sustainability of what we consume, and how we discard and recycle. We encourage the use of eco-friendly, organic, and recycled/upcycled product packaging to minimize our carbon footprint and promote a healthier planet.

Our Vision

Our vision at Happy Soul is to be a leading force in the wellness industry, inspiring individuals to live their best lives through holistic practices. We strive to create a community where wellness is accessible to all and where every person can find the tools and support they need to thrive.

Join Us

Join us on this journey towards holistic wellness. Explore our range of products and services designed to nurture your mind, body, energy, soul, and planet. Together, let's create a happier, healthier world, one Happy Soul at a time.

Happy Soul

Where Wellness Meets Wholeness