Happy SoulWelcome to HAPPY SOUL, where we bring joy, serenity, and a touch of nature into your home. Our store specializes in 100% natural and organic products that promote well-being and harmony. From fragrant soy wax candles to eco-friendly LED bulbs and lamps, each item is crafted with care and a commitment to sustainability. Experience the essence of purity and love with HAPPY SOUL, where every product is designed to uplift your spirit and enhance your everyday living.https://www.happysoulindia.shop/s/66162282838fedf6e70af41e/668e3556190f8a98c98e07ad/hs-logo-251-x-67-480x480.png
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Happy Soul
162, Aram Nagar II, Seven BunglowsMumbai, IN
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Happy Soul Seller Guidelines

Important Notice to All Sellers

Welcome to Happy Soul ! As a company dedicated to holistic wellness and environmental sustainability, we have specific guidelines for the products that can be listed on our website. By adhering to these guidelines, you help us maintain the high standards and integrity of our brand.

Permitted Products

All products listed on Happy Soul must meet the following criteria:

  1. Natural and Organic Ingredients:

    • Products must be made from 100% natural ingredients.
    • Organic certification is highly preferred.
    • No synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or artificial additives.
  2. Free from Harmful Substances:

    • No sulphates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, or other harmful chemicals.
    • No artificial fragrances or colors.
  3. Cruelty-Free:

    • Products must not be tested on animals.
    • No animal cruelty in any stage of production.
  4. Eco-Friendly Packaging:

    • Use of sustainable, eco-friendly, and recyclable packaging materials.
    • Encouragement of minimalistic packaging to reduce waste.
  5. Healthy and Sustainable:

    • Foods must be free from refined sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, antibiotics, and pesticides.
    • Products should promote health, wellness, and sustainability.

Prohibited Products

The following products are strictly prohibited on Happy Soul:

  1. Products Containing Harmful Chemicals:

    • Any product containing sulphates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, or colors.
  2. Non-Organic Foods:

    • Foods containing refined sugars, artificial additives, preservatives, antibiotics, or pesticides.
  3. Animal Tested Products:

    • Any product tested on animals or involving animal cruelty in any stage of production.
  4. Non-Eco-Friendly Packaging:

    • Products with non-recyclable, non-sustainable packaging materials.
    • Excessive packaging that contributes to environmental waste.
  5. Synthetic and Non-Natural Items:

    • Items that do not meet the criteria for natural or organic certification.
    • Products containing synthetic ingredients not aligned with our holistic wellness principles.

Seller Agreement

By listing products on Happy Soul, you agree to comply with these guidelines and maintain the standards of quality and integrity our customers expect. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the removal of your products from our platform.

By checking the checkbox, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the seller guidelines outlined on this page. This step is mandatory to ensure all products on Happy Soul meet our high standards of quality and integrity.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to promoting holistic wellness and sustainability. We look forward to a successful partnership with you!

Happy Soul Team

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