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Refund and Exchange Policy


  1. You shall provide feedback on the Products purchased by you within 7 (Seven) days from the date of delivery. In case there is no feedback within period mentioned above, it shall be deemed as duly accepted by you.
  2. There shall be no refund or exchange of Product except when a Product is a Defective Product, and the refund request has been accepted by the Reseller. The refund request shall be processed according to the prescribed laws in force at the time of transaction.
  • “Defective Products” include;
  1. expired or not as per the description of the Product as posted on the Platform or;
  2. spurious, defective or damaged or not suitable for consumption or use or;
  3. not as per measurement, dimensions, quality, quantity, instructions and warnings regarding manufacturing or design if specifically mentioned on the Platform or;
  4. violative of disclaimers mentioned on the Products.
  5. Wrong Product.
  6. In case You have provided wrong information and due to which wrong Products are delivered and You intend to return, You shall not be eligible to receive refund.
  7. Platform shall be liable to process Your refund, in case the Platform cancels Your order unilaterally after the order is placed.



  • The return can be initiated from your account in the Orders section, by selecting the Product that You wish to return. If you are unable to access it or have trouble please raise a ticket on our platform in the HELP section.
  • You shall select the reason for returning the Product. Also, Product must be in original packaging and unused state at the time of return, and you shall provide the photographs and unpacking video indicating that Defective Product was delivered.


  • The following are the likely reasons that you may select for return of Defective Products: -
  • Without uploading photo and unpacking video of Defective Product, you shall not be eligible for any return and exchange.
  • The return whether accepted or not may be confirmed by the Vendor within four (4) days.
  • On evaluation of the returned Product, once the Vendor confirms acceptance of return, thereafter the refund shall be processed by the Platform.
  • Refund shall be processed within reasonable time as per terms and conditions of payment gateway providers.



  • Refund will be provided in the same mechanism as the payment was received subject to deduction of certain charges if applicable.
  • The Refund Timeline once approved by vendor shall be as follows:
  • The refunds can be tracked on the website at Return & Refund



Exchange is possible only in case of supply of Defective Products subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • You may exchange the Defective Product, if the Defective Product is returnable and exchangeable and within the specified timeframe on the Orders Page on the Platform.
  • Select the option “Return and Exchange” and select the Defective Product that you wish to return and the reason for returning the same.
  • Please upload unboxing video and photographs of such Defective Product.
  • Once the exchange request is raised, the Platform and the Vendor/ Reseller shall analyze the return and exchange request internally and process the request accordingly.
  • Based on internal discussion, exchange request, if accepted, the Platform shall generate exchange request number, and this number may be used for tracking of the delivery of the exchanged Products.
  • In case pickup of the returned Products is scheduled in lieu of the exchanged products, please keep the items in original condition ready for pickup.
  • Based on internal discussion, if exchange request is not accepted, the Platform shall duly intimate you with appropriate clarification.


(i)                  This Refund and Exchange policy shall be read in conjunction with Terms of Use available on the Platform.

(ii)                For any further queries regarding return, replacement, exchange or refund, please reach out to customer support at [email protected].



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